Thursday, September 18, 2008


Do you enjoy ball of foot? Go over to cousin Kara's blog, and enter this contest. (LoveSac is her hubby's company. Oh man--we forgot to check them out when we were going through couch-buying fun. Crap. Hey, maybe they could use some anti-Ikea marketing. I'll try to think of some slogans....)

Hey, isn't he the guy who won Richard Branson's show? I think it was called The Rebel Billionaire or something. He chickened out on the coin toss to double his winnings to two million. But, as it turned out, that was the right answer to the final challenge. Or maybe it isn't him. But the show was great. who the guy?
Pweezil- yes! His name is Shawn Nelson and he is the owner/founder of LoveSac. My husband is just the art director.
Ohhh, I see. How did I not know this?
I joined the contest, and I've got to say... I'm feeling pretty confident about my picks.

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