Saturday, September 20, 2008


First, congrats to Sam Killay--the only Rays fan (though he also was a Sox fan) I ever was really aware of. He was a commenter in this blog's early days ("male Sam" as opposed to "female Sam"). Your team actually made the playoffs--though I kinda thought they'd hold off on the celebration--maybe they're that sure they'll blow a 2.5 game in the final week!

Second, congrats to the Boston Globe on getting today's score nearly correct in the title of a post on their blog. Nice job!

Let me get the sequence straight here: Media makes fun of bloggers, accusing them of being losers in their parents' basements. Media realizes nobody buys newspapers anymore. Media suddenly turns all their reporters into "bloggers" to keep up. Media bloggers can't even get score of game right. That sound right?


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