Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Come On

Again we're mere outs from first place and again more bullcrap happens. Real games start October 1. We can beat anybody.

What we saw last night was a confirmation that Tampa Bay has a much stronger, deeper bullpen than the Sox do at this point. That's certainly a major issue at this point.

Andy Sonnenstine, on the other hand...he's doing it with smoke and mirrors. I think the Sox will finally handle him in the playoffs. If we make it to the 2nd round, that is.
BUT! They were facing a lineup without Drew or Bay, and Mike Lowell should be in a wheelchair.
See, I don't buy the Drew/Bay excuse. The Sox lineup still featured Pedroia/Papi/Youks/Lowrie, and I think was still just as strong as (if not stronger than) the Rays' lineup even with the missing pieces.

I think we have to concede that Howell/Balfour/Wheeler/Bradford have been very good, and that the 'better bullpen' nod goes to the Devil Dogs.

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