Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boy One-Sixth Genius

Just found this pic of me at Ridgebury school circa '81-'82. I'm pretty sure I only "solved" that one side. And I'd like to add that I spent a lot more time with Rubik's Snake.

And that shirt! Very close to my Holy Grail of thrift-store shirts--"HAWAII 80." If anyone ever sees that, please buy it and I'll give you..30 bucks for it? It's the same as the one in the picture only an 80 instead of a 79 ('80 and '79 are my two favorite years), and HAWAII above the number. They obviously sell these to tourists in Hawaii with the current two-digit year on them. Still lookin' for that 80.

Hey, Smith cousins, remember the Rubik's Cube at Nana's house? Efforts to solve that one included tearing its pieces right from their sockets, and changing around the stickers. Eventually it was rendered un-solvble by the fact that there'd be, like, two yellow stickers on two different center squares.

Love that pic! I vaguely remember the Rubik's Cube at Nana's. I know the one at our house was definitely subjected to being torn apart in an effort to solve it. I remember the old 'swapping stickers' routine to get it solved.
Maybe the new house owners will find the Rubix cube in the crawl space off of the last bedroom. I wonder if anything was left in there when they bought the house?
I've got to find the video I shot of the whole inside of the house in its final days in our family's possession!

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