Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Angels Win West, Expose Secrets

Would-be hackers like myself love it when a team clinches something. It means you can go to the mlb shop, tinker with the web addresses of championship gear, and find all the other items that commemorate things that haven't happened yet--or won't at all.

Here we see the Devil Rays division champs coin. Now, of course, they do this stuff just to have it ready if and when the thing happens. But in this case, I found only a division champs coin for the Rays, and only a wild card coin for the Sox. Go screw, MLB. (They've got a division champs coin ready for both the Twins and White Sox. Same with Cubs/Brewers, Mets/Phils, and DBacks/Dodgers. They must have set up these pages a few days ago, and felt Tampa had locked it up, yet thought those other divisions were still undecided. Better get to work on the Red Sox division champs coin--THAT NO ONE WILL BUY ANYWAY.)

Sox 1, TB 1 in the 5th...

Well, after last night, it looks like the merchandising folks at MLB knew what they were doing.

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