Monday, September 15, 2008

All The Way Back

Red Sox blow out Devil Rays. Tied for first with 12 to play. Exclamation point. Six-dong attack. And we throw Beckett at 'em tomorrow night.

Okay, I'm gonna have a live call-in show Tuesday night after the game. More details to come on Tuesday afternoon. But since I know a lot of you don't like to call in, or just don't have Skype or whatever, I'm gonna add a new feature. E-mail me your questions, and I'll answer them on the air. They can be about the Red Sox, '80s sitcoms, what happens to your soul after your body dies (I've got a great answer for that one--somebody ask it!), or whatever. Oh wait, I guess you could be doing this in comments anyway. Bahbahbahbah I'm not listening bahbahabah...quit ruining it! Just send 'em by email this time so we can do this show, okay? Address is Two2067 [at] aol [dot] com. You can also just call in.

[Photo: Did I ever tell you how we have one cat and one copy cat? It's at the point where Danzig will get into the same sleep-pose as Amazing Larry. Mirror cats!]

Funny about the cats. It's cool that Danzig is black- just like a shadow.
You should make a calendar of their mirroring poses and put funny captions in each one. I'd buy it.

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