Thursday, September 11, 2008

14 Inning Loss

If there was no wild card, I'd be talking about how heartbreaking it is that we were three outs from first place, and now we're 2.5 out--but we're still up 5 in the wild card with 17 to play. And we still have three head-to-head with the Rays anyway. And them winning this series (their first since '99 at Fenway) didn't exactly show that the Rays are superior to us. We could handle 'em in a playoff series.

You know, I kind of hope the Twins keep the pressure on us*. I wanna have a pennant race. There's never a pennant race because the team that doesn't win always gets the wild card. It continues to ruin baseball.**

*I can afford to be willy-nilly with what I wish for--we've won two of the last four World Series!

**I've hated it since it began. I didn't say "I hate it and I WON'T be happy if and when the Red Sox benefit from it." I just said "I hate it."

***I know I didn't put a triple asterisk above, but I still just have to say that the home and first base umpires in this game should all be fired without a hearing.

Wild card or no, the last two nights were gut-punches, anyway you break it down. At least to me. I can't compartmentalize the "safety net" of the wildcard in my brain when suffering through losses like the last two. Wild card or no wild card, 2 world series or no world series, games like take your breath away for a minute.
yeah, they stunk big time. no denying that. but there's also no denying we're in good shape for making the postseason, where we only have to beat them the same amount of times they'd have to beat us to move on, even if they are the division champs and we're the WC.
Wild card or no, I do consider this a race.
I really want this division title.
I want the 1st round against Chicago, not LAAAAAA, and I want home field.
And maybe more than anything, I want to say - WE have passed the Yankees and have taken over the title of "division powerhouse", not - "well at least it wasn't the Skankees".
It'll probably take a sweep in Tampa to accomplish that now.
Which is possible. Unlikely, but not so much so that I'm giving up on it :)
BTW - we really SHOULD have won 2 of these 3. That call in the 9th probably cost us that game. Put Pedroia up with bases loaded, game on the line, - 2 outs or no, he would have produced, I double damn guarantee it!
And LBJ was SOOOOOO safe.
Why can't Timlin just get hit by a bus already? No excuse at all for him to be on the roster this season.

And I have no idea what Tito was thinking letting Casey rot on the bench all night. Or why they didn't try to move the runners over in the bottom of the ninth.
All we need to do to win this division is beat them 2 out of 3 in Tampa to gain one game, and gain 2 more games over the other 14 games. It's do-able!

Believe me, I never think wild card until division is completely out of reach--I'm just saying, I'm not gonna pretend it's not there. And I hope anyone who's saying 2.5 can't be made up is guaranteeing we're in the playoffs, since our WC lead is twice that.
PS. Too bad 7 of those other 14 are against Toronto. But they're ready to be cooled off.
y was papi bunting there....coming from a curious yankee fan
While it was a "sacrifice situation," he was bunting for a hit, trying to bunt it to the third base side, since the shift was on. It's a sure way to first base--same with Giambi. But it went to the pitcher. He did move the runner over, but that's not what he was trying to do. We had a lot of chances to win this game.

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