Sunday, September 21, 2008

1 Doerr Opens...

Remember in May '88, when Bobby Doerr's number 1 was retired, and John McNamara had to switch to 2? Well, I noticed on Baseball Almanac they only listed 1 as Johnny Mac's #. So I wrote them to correct it. Someone wrote back and said he "checked with a researcher at the Red Sox" who said he checked his scorecards from the first and last games of that season, and they both showed McNamara wearing #1. What? Wrong! You'd think this "researcher" at the very least would've known about Doerr's retired #, and that McNamara therefore couldn't have possibly still been wearing 1 after May 1988! I wrote back with further proof for them, along with the suggestion that that researcher should be fired...

Red Sox win. What a job by Dice. Rays lose. We're 1.5 back. 7 left for us, 8 for them. Chances are they split their doubleheader Wednesday--that extra loss makes it a one-game deficit to make up in seven games. Which is actually 2 since we have to pass them--a tie does us no good. I think we've got a shot!

Last game ever at Yankee Stadium tonight. Let's hope Mo gives up a go-ahead dong to Millar to close the joint's doors (and eliminate the Yanks from the postseason). I will have a special "end of Yankee Stadium" post, probably right at the end of the regular season.

[Oh, and I'm reading stories of how fans were allowed on the field today at Yankee Stadium before it's last game. Why are they acting as if A. it was open to the public and B. you could go on the infield/outfield? I read the release from the team a few days ago, and it said that fans holding tickets to Sunday's game could go onto the warning track all around the field. Why isn't it being reported like this? They're acting like grandmas and kids and whoever are just strolling in through the gates and playing Wiffle Ball on the infield. Oh wait, I know--it's because the Yankees always pretend they are what they're not. And they want the final articles about the place to reflect this. Nice touch!]


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