Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yanks Doin' That Thing Again

So flip on the Gameday around the sixth inning of the Yanks game, and see that they're up 2-0. I can't help but notice the Rangers are leaving multiple men on or hitting into a double play in almost every inning. Finally Kim and I are about to start watching a movie, and I take one last check. Texas has doubled with one out. Good, I thought, at least they can't get a double play this time, and may even finally get a run across. I was wrong. I come back to the computer later find out that the Rangers somehow grounded into a DP...with a man on second. The play went pitcher to third to short to second. I can't even imagine what went down there. Yanks win 3-0.

In the Satan Rays game, Sonnanstine has retired the last 15, and they lead Seattle 1-0 in the 6th. (Update: 1-0 after 7 in what appears to be the fastest moving game of all-time.) (Update: Ms tie it in 8th.) (FInal Update: Ibanez leads off bottom 9 with a dong. Rays lose, 2-1. We're 2.5 back and headed for Chicago.)


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