Friday, August 08, 2008

Terrible Top

Please watch the video and then vote in comments: terrible upward facing dog way, or awesome side-sandwich style way. (For good people, feel free to specify if you have the opening facing left or right--I always face it to the right. Oh, and if you eat it with the opening facing down, see a psychiatrist immediately.)

I do it the correct way. You rock!
Definitely the side-way.
Not down here.
No way you can turn a dog with the appropriate amounts of chili and slaw on it's side!
And all the girls who work our concession stand at the LL field know exactly how to make my hot dogs. Chili, slaw, mustard, every time. It's always funny when a new girl is there and I ask for a hot dog. She'll say "how do you want it?" and the veteran at the prep table will just look at her like "boy you got a lot to learn", or say "don't worry, I know. And don't charge him either. And get him a bag of peanuts, too"
I've got 'em trained well ;>
I stick with the topwise. The other way seems fine as long as you could be sure that the stuff didn't fall out of it, which I couldn't, because mustard and hot dog fixin's are subject to gravity. I am cool with it as long as you let me eat ice cream cones sideways.

Why are you looking for ways to divide us? De gustibus non disputandum est.
this is a terrible hot dog

That's because it's not a hot dog! It's a veggie dog! The veggie dogs always taste strange.

Best hot dogs in the bay:
I actually kinda like the soy hot dogs.

I prefer sideways and almost always do it that way. If the dog is particulary overstuffed with condiments, I'll rotate it slightly towards the top to avoid massive spillage. I generally eat it with the left side open though...don't really know the reason why.
WHen I said the one I was eating was terrible, I meant "terribly put together by me." I do like the veggie dogs--though I still haven't come across a really good one.

I think if I do have a lot of stuff on there that cold fall out, I rotate a little, but tilt my head, too, so top teeth are still hitting top bun.

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