Sunday, August 24, 2008

SWB Can 'Tucket

This is my fifth baseball season as a blogger, and for the first time in that era, the Pawtucket Red Sox have made the playoffs. They had a nice comeback win tonight, and still have a shot at the division title, but will most likely be the wild card. Congratulations, future Bostons, we'll all be rooting for you against those screwheads from Scranton and/or Wilkes and/or Barre. I'll have to catch one of their P.O.G.s ("Remember ALF??") since I basically live in Rhode Island already...and then next year, I'll start in on my new life of going to PawSox games slightly more often.

Good for Pawtuck. Bodes well for the future at Fenway also.
Playoffs not looking likely for the Warthogs here this year. 2 1/2 out with 8 to go, and the Myrtle Beach team they're chasing has been hot. No head to heads left either.
Bad timing on Cat being in the hospital, too. Not that there's good timing for such things. But I'm usually at the games for almost all of the last few weeks because it's during the only real downtime for Little League. Not so this year. Only twice since she went in.
Last home game at Ernie Shore Stadium (for good - new stadium opens next year) is Thursday. Hopefully I can make that one if not any before.

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