Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Still Three Back

Sox get an 8-2 win behind another nice performance from Wake. Yanks win so no money changes hands.

How I feel about Tampa right now: I still say it's okay for them to be winning. To keep the Yanks that far back is key. I think the way our starting pitching has been, we're gonna catch the Rays anyway, so we might as well have them stay somewhat up there. Today, I would've liked to have seen Cleveland hold on so we could get to two back...but there are two months left. There's time to win that race. People say the Yanks are done so it doesn't matter what they do. But them being done hinges on whether other teams--including Tampa--keep playing well enough to stay ahead of them. So rooting for the Rays to completely fall out of it is basically the Yanks' big chance to stay alive. Then again, they really should just collapse--but then I think of how damn lucky they are and how even when they do things like fall behind 2-0 and the other team has bases loaded against Sydney Effing Ponson, they somehow easily win. Until I can trust these other teams, I can't trust that the Yanks are done. Even though I'm counting on them being done, and I want to watch them fall out of it utterly and completely, and keep watching them suffer even when everybody else stops paying attention.

In that commercial with the local Little League coach and his team? Is it just me or is that guy, like, really scary? Like, he's just acting cool for the cameras, but when they shut off, he's a real prick to the kids? You getting that? I feel like that team only gets pizza if they WIN WIN WIN...

Speaking of Little League, click here to hear an hour and a half summary my entire career in organized baseball (between innings of the game I called today, with CT beating MA).

I think it is safe to say that most of the times that NY wins a close game money DOES change hands.

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