Sunday, August 03, 2008

SRO'Henry (Now With Exciting Video)

So I'm sitting in the Monster Seats, front row. (Once again, I had an SRO ticket but sat in the front row with a friend, and we were able to stay there the whole game!) All of a sudden, I look to my left, and instead of the guy who had been in the seat, it's John Henry. And I'm wearing my Manny jersey. He turns to me and asks me how I like the seat. I tell him it fulfills a childhood dream of wishing I could sit atop the Green Monster. And I thanked him. I didn't tell him I wasn't supposed to be in that seat.

But he wasn't supposed to be in his, either. He stayed there for an inning with his little granddaughter (?), gave the guy whose seat he'd confiscated four tickets to an upcoming game, and took off, as people mobbed him with autograph and picture requests.

Pics from today's sweet win coming soon.

That's a great story!
Yeah--I added video, and then on GooTube there's a thing where you can add an audio track from their pre-selected ones, categorized by genre. I chose "goth" and picked one of the few tracks they had. It adds a whole new dimension to the video, haha.

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