Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lester needed to give the bullpen a rest tonight and he did. 8-4 win. Rays win 3-2 with Oakland getting the tying run thrown out stealing in the ninth, so we're still 3 back. Yanks lost earlier.

Tonight, Gammons was in the booth with DO and Rem. As he left, he called Remy "Scoots." I knew Remy was called Scooter back in the day. I even mentioned it here about a year ago. Yet it appears nowhere online. Google it and you'll only find that post by me. So I feel a little less crazy now. Gammons has verified it. I feel like Baseball Reference (and others) should change his nickname on their site from RemDawg to Scooter/Scoots. RemDawg is a post-playing career nickname.

Shaky robot cam got the hook tonight after about an inning. Nice job, NESN. I actually saw a guy up there in pre-game yesterday futzing with it. Whatever improvement they made clearly didn't work. Give it up, already!

Finally, we got that pitcher Byrd yesterday while I was at Fenway. This is the guy who is all into Jesus but then somehow went against Jesus' teachings and bought some HGH. Is this the type of "antic" Manny was supposed to be doing? Would they have kept him in that case?

I worry that baseball nicknames will get stuck in an infinite loop.

two syllable surnames become a pluralized first syllable, e.g. miller becomes mills, but one syllable surnames get affixed with an 'ee' sound, e.g. mills becomes millsy. so why doesn't miller become mills, which becomes millsy, which becomes mills, and so on, ad infinitum?

also, jesus said don't use HGH?
That's funny--like, when you set your clock back at 2 AM, but then an hour later, it's 2 AM again, so you have to set it back again, and again, and again....

I don't know what the Christ-meister said. He's probably just effing with people at this point.

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