Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Twins lost last night, so we're 2.5 up in the wild card, 3.5 back in the division. Hopefully in another couple of days, we won't even be saying the words "wild card" any more.

Terrible job by the Mets last night, blowing a huge lead and bumping A-Rod off the back page of the Post. But the News went with A-Rod, and gave us this little totally original piece as well:

Even Madonna BOOED Him, Ol' "Mr Clutch When There's NOTHING On The Line":

A-Bum, A-Jerk, A-Slap, A-Fraud, A-Whore, A-Me, A-Fart, A-Diva, A-Bitch, A-I, A-0

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