Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pret-ty Good

Really key 11-inning win today. Lowrie with the game-winner. MDC shut the door after two nice Pap innings. Bay with a great catch. Ellsbury with a better one.

Right at the end of our game, the Rays were in the same situation as we were: Bottom of the ninth, up one, tying run on base, two outs. We got the final strike, and at the same time, the Rays gave up the tying hit. Then they lost in the 10th. So we're 4.5 out of first.

The White Sox win and a Twins loss means Chicago leads the central, so our wild card lead lengthens to one game over Minny.

We go to New York to play the Yanks, who are 9.5 out in the east, 5 back in the Fields.

[Note: Both TC and a dude on NECN said with a dumb smile, "Sox fans not sure who to root for in that White Sox-Rays game..." Answer: The White Sox. Their win put us closer to the east lead AND made our wild card lead go up by a half-game, since the Twins lost. So if you thought there was a decision to make and you chose Rays, you were incorrect.]

Glad to see you're finally rooting against the Devil Dogs! Although I do think a case could have been made for rooting against the Chisox this weekend, since they're much closer to us in the overall standings.

So, do you root for the D-Dogs or Yanks next week?

Speaking of the MFY's, Rivera now receives the Official Greg Maddux Strike Zone* from the '90s: anything he throws within a foot of the outside corner of the plate now gets called a strike. The final pitch of their game today was a joke.

*Also known as the Livan Hernandez 1997 Postseason Strike Zone.
It wasn't a tough decision, it was, as you implied, a DUMB question! Great win it's on to the house that Ruth built for the last time. Thanks Jere (I emailed you earlier).
That last Rivera pitch was so bad I was too disgusted to mention it. Another bullshit win for the Yanks. Those Oriole announcers didn't hold back, either.

If we can sweep the Yanks it will then be a whole lot easier to be okay with it each time they beat the Rays. We'll see what happens this week first.

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