Monday, August 04, 2008

Plural Of Loss

We lose to KC. But we lose no ground in the division. Yanks had a 3-0 lead with the husky headhunter on the mound. Terrible Joba proceeded to give it up before leaving the game with an injury (an injured ERA possibly). The Yanks, who scored earlier on a groundout and TWO balks, tied it again, but Marte walked the bases loaded in the ninth, and with two outs gave up a grand slam. Texas wins 9-5. They probably avoided Mo because he stinks in non-save situations this year. And that's two shitty performances by Marte. The Rays also lost....

Beckett against Floyd's kid Tuesday night.

Actually, Rivera wasn't used last night because he had a stiff upper back. But he's truly awful this year in non-save situations.

And Marte's ERA is now a robust 11.57.
Thanks. I did double-check and saw he hadn't pitched the day before, but didn't hear about the back.
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I believe that 'Damaso Marte' is spanish for 'Eric Gagne'

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