Friday, August 22, 2008

Pavahh...NO, Peg

You know what I really like about seeing Carl Pavano start for the Yanks on Saturday? That it kind of represents the exact opposite of what they wanted when they got the guy. When he came over from the NL, after snubbing the Red Sox-fan side of his family, it was this big deal: "Ooh, let's see what he can do....maybe he'll lead the Yanks to a run of championships...." And now, after all this time, he's finally coming back, and the Yanks are falling fast, almost as if they're looking to cap off their last seven years of failure with one final self-inflicted wound in the final days of their ballpark's life...and Pavano is just the man to deliver it.

A few of the Coke section and pavilion box seats are available now from the team site for that second-to-last series of the season vs. Cleveland, if you've got the dough...

We actually have much to thank Carl Pavano for:

He was a key piece of the deal that brought Pedro to Boston;
He pitched very well against the Yanks in Game 4 of the '03 WS;
He leveraged his one really good season into arguably the worst free-agent signing in Yankee history.

Here's hoping he can help us out one more time by helping to finish the Yanks' '08 season early.

Did he actually have Sox-fans in his family? I remember when he signed in the Bronx, the NYTimes ran a big feature article about how happy his Yankee-fan mom was about it. I always chuckle thinking about how much they played that up, given that he's been persona non-grata in that organization for years. Wonder how the mom feels about the Yanks these days?
By the way, great tag line on his baseball-reference page:
"Carl Pavano is to the Yankees as the movie Ghost Dad is to American cinema. Not even a mustache could save that guy."

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