Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Offense Awake

Sox win and Yanks lose. Great to see them 7 back in the loss column in the division, and with three teams ahead of them for the WC. Mr. Scratch wins, so we stay 3 back in the East.

What a crazy play in KC. Esasky II hit one deep to left center. The center fielder jumped and almost robbed him, but the ball popped out a la Dave Henderson in the '86 ALCS, heading over the fence. Only it doesn't go over, it starts rolling on top of the wall toward left. It's right at the scoreboard, so the top of the wall is kind of wide--and the ball is able to continue rolling. For, like, ten feet it rolls, until the left fielder jumps up and swats it back toward him before it can roll over the fence. Bay gets a double. But Lowrie followed with a two-run triple, and the Sox pulled away.

Kathryn Tappen: The Red Sox are battling Tampa for the division. So while you're giving the scores, I don't want to hear that Evan Longoria is on your fantasy team. If you're rooting against us, keep it to yourself. Also, Texas isn't the "Longhorn State," it's the "Lone Star State." Have you noticed that the media is getting lazier and lazier? Facts,, whatever...

Also, if you live near Scranton, PA, here's an event for you.


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