Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Never Any Less Sweet

Red Sox win, Yanks complain. They make me so sick with that crap. There were no horrible calls, in fact, most were correct, but they feel they have the right to have everything go their way. Which is why it's all the more sweeter when they lose. (I heard even the Yes Network guys were saying Girardi had no beef.)

A-Rod hitting into two double plays and getting booed was awesome. They even booed him when he cleanly fielded a grounder. Then they went home.

Yes, those same morons who chanted "overrated" at a guy who'd gotten the last out of the previous year's World Series headed for home ealry tonight. Apparently Papelbon is "rated" enough so that the powerful Yankee bats had absolutely no chance of giving up a four run lead. Or maybe they are smart--maybe they know only the Red Sox can make an amazing comeback.

Or maybe they just leave because they feel if they don't witness the last out, they didn't actually lose. Maybe that's why the team plays Sinatra's version of New York, New York even when they lose these days. There's no rationalizing with Yankee fans (and now the team itself, since their owner acts just like one of their dumb-ass fans), because in their minds, they always win. Even when they lose.

Imagine leaving a game early not only when your team still has a chance to win, but when it's your last time at your own stadium, which it was for many of those fans tonight. It's gonna be so fun watching the ninth inning of that Orioles-Yanks game on September 21st, as 4,000 Yankee fans file out and put on their (whichever winter team is winning) jerseys. (At Fenway when the Yanks were in town, I saw a lot of Giants clothing, but surprisingly little Knicks gear. Hmmmmm....must've been just an incredible coincidence.)

That two-run infield single tonight was great. Grounder down the line that would've been a two-run double. But A-Rod gets a lucky hop off the base right to him. But his throw to first is late, and two runs score! Our century, this one.

Rays lost to the seemingly best team in the universe, the Jays, so we're 3.5 back. Yanks just two up on the Jays.


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