Friday, August 29, 2008

Mass No Mas

Beckett strained shoulder. Out till next Friday.

We'll either have a black president or a female vice president for the first time ever. Too bad it's taken this long.

If the Twins win and we beat Chicago tonight, we can then start rooting for the Twins to have a chance to directly gain in the wild card race, since we'll be playing Chicago. I may not have explained that very well. Just look at the standings.... The key is that we just win.

I mentioned during the Jimmy Fund telethon that Bill Cosby did something really embarrassing. People did what was probably the smart thing, and just acted like it never happened. But here's what it was: Bill was on with TC during the Red Sox pre-game. He was cracking TC up and doing his usual Cosby thing, as I'd just coincidentally heard him do on the radio a few minutes earlier. But then he starts talking about the "Jimmy" of the Jimmy Fund. But he had the wrong Jimmy! He though the Jimmy Fund was the Jimmy V Foundation, which was set up when basketball coach Jim Valvano died. I wanted to crawl under a rock--and I'm sure TC did, too. But I have to say, TC did a great job just moving on. But it's not like he just mentioned it as an aside--he was going on and on about Valvano and his wife! And his coaching career. You'd think Tom Werner (friend of Coz and Cosby Show co-creator), who brought him up to Fenway, would've prepped the man on exactly what charity he was there for.

Okay, for real now, this is my last post from Somerville. We couldn't fit all our remaining crap in the borrowed van last night, so we're up here for the last of it. (It worked out in that we left Kim's computer plugged in on the floor here, so we could check mail, etc., each day. From tomorrow until next Thursday, it'll be a strict diet of coffee house blogging for us... If any of you Ryans or JSs out there know of a good place with wifi in the Providence area, lemme know. Thanks.) Also, I-93 is shitty. Don't drive on it. At any time. You probably knew that already.

Not that having a female VP is worth seeing McCain be president!
More like an intelligent president or a creationist vice-president.

In my neighborhood, I am pretty sure that either/both of the coffee exchange or cafe zog (both on wickenden st.) have wireless-finternet. Both are generally excellent.
The Biltmore's lobby has unsecured and fast wifi if you're really desperate.

Looks like I beat you here by a couple days.
Thanks for the tips....

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