Friday, August 08, 2008

Low Non-Coup

I never told you
that I live in Somerville.
Thought you might stalk me

I always just said I "moved to Boston." But now that we're moving to Providence, I can give away my true location. If you didn't know it already.

Looks like Giles deal will not happen.

Sunday's Sox-Sox game will be on TBS if you can't get NESN.

Have fun!

haha, thanks. We'll be there end of the month.... we almost got a place in Pawtucket, but it fell through. Now we have a better place in Prov.
Leaving Bitchin' Somerville - for Providence?? I don't understand it but good luck.

Guess I won't be able to do any personal-pickup ticket giveaways again.
We really wanted to get a house out in Northampton. We also like Providence a lot. For family illness reasons, going farther away from the person who is sick was the wrong move. So we're going the Providence route.

As for Somerville, yeah, it's cool, I just should've lived here BEFORE Manhattan. Nothing is able to follow NYC, so by no fault of its own, this cool town is LESS cool than the last one. In Providence I'll be in more familiar territory anyway: the "betweeen Boston and New York" corridor...
I lived in Somerville for a few years (a long time ago...before it was cool) and it was a great town even back then. In fact, I had good friends who lived on your street.

Providence is fun - a nice, small New England city. Good Luck!
In deep sleep hear sound
cat vomits hairball somewhere
will find in morning

Good luck on the move!

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