Friday, August 22, 2008

Look Out For Number 4

Yanks lose big to Toronto, and are now just one game ahead of them in third place. The Orioles, who the Yanks play next, are just five behind them in the loss. The only thing better than a no-playoffs year for the Yanks, is a last-place one. I'm already skipping fourth and rooting for dead last....

We're six up on the Yanks, and I checked last year's standings on this date, thinking, I bet that's how far ahead of them we were last year at this time. Though I can't prove to you that I really thought that, I was exactly right. We were six up (in first), with both teams playing 3.5 games better than this year. Of course, last year at this time, the Yanks had closed a large gap, so things looked better for them then than now. But now, they're pretty much shitting the bed, there's a "whole nother" team above them besides us, and they're three games further back of the wild card lead with more teams above them in that race than last year.

Speaking of the Wild Draw Four, we're either tied or a game up on Minnesota. The Twins are in the twelfth, tied at one as I go to bed.

(Update: Twins score before I reach bed. 2-1, top 12. Now I'll stay up for the bottom half.) (Update: Twins win. We're in a dead heat for the WC.)


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