Friday, August 08, 2008

Late Nite Action

Sox lose in BlowTown, but now the fun begins. Kennedy starts for the Yanks, and doesn't make it out of the third. Rasner is in, and it's 5-3 Angels. Updates to come.

11:38: 6-3 Angels after 4. Rays up 5-3 in the 6th in Seattle.

11:51: 6-3 LAA after 5. Angels out-hitting the Yanks, 12-5.

12:07: 6-5 LAA after 6. Do NOT blow this....

12:30: 9-5 Angels, now outhitting the Yanks 16-8. Wow, while I'm writing, it changes to 10-5. Bruney ("the Nazi" or "Spruce Goose") giving up run after run after run. I love it. Rays still up 2, going bottom 9.

12:39: Tampa wins. We're 3.5 back, but the Yanks will be 6.5, if the Angels hold the 5-run lead with the Yanks down to their final three outs. Look at the wild card standings. It's us, the Twins, then the Yanks, and then a huge dropoff. I thought Detroit and Texas would stay up, but they've fallen. So, I'm tellin' ya, it's okay that the Rays are winning. Let's say the Twins shit the bed. If the Rays suddenly start dropping, that leaves us to win the division, and Yanks only needing to catch the Rays. I'd rather keep the Rays up for a little while longer. We'll catch 'em. If we don't, we'll see 'em in the ALCS. If they make it that far.

12:52: Final update--Yanks down to last out, Damon singles, allowing Jeter chance to make last out, and he does. Yanks lose. If you're going to Futures at Fenway tomorrow, look for me.


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