Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late Bird Wins Again

Tix available now for almost every home game. You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning....and hope they're still there. Remember, September 8th is the day we break the all-time consecutive sell-out record.

Thanks again, Jere. I tried to pick up tix for the re-scheduled Toronto game, but their system chokes on it. Got a a pair for the day game against the Orioles on the 3rd.
No prob limo. It's funny, when they first added the extra game to the 13th on the sked, the night (original) game gave the "we don't know what you're talkin' 'bout" error message. A few days later, that message switched to the day (make-up) game. (Which I already have since I had a ticket to the postponed game.)
Your posts about the availability of tickets have been extremely helpful and I have been reassuring my son for weeks that we'll be able to get tix for our trip without going thru a scalper site. But I'm afraid it's highly unlikely now that I'll get to take advantage of all that advice. Sockette's stay in the hospital (3 freaking weeks, yeesh!) has put me way behind on jobs and put a crimp in the finances since I wasn't working much at all during that time. No paid time off for the self-employed :(
I haven't given up entirely, altho it will definitely not be next week as I had hoped, and I'm afraid the tix will get harder to get as the season winds down.
If we do end up making a stab at it, I'll certainly be looking here for ticket news!

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