Monday, August 25, 2008

The Jacoby Thing

Why is the Ellsbury wall-crashing injury so confusing for everyone? First of all, as soon as it happened, you could see him tending to his eye. Any NESN viewer clearly knew right away his glasses had slammed into his eye when he hit the wall. Yet Remy's sitting there saying, "I don't know if it's the shoulder or the hand or the buttock or...." Okay, maybe not buttock, but he made no mention of the eye until he saw the replay of Jacoby putting his hand to his eye to check for blood--which was the same angle we saw the first time.

Then, in two different places since, I've heard people talk about the long "injury delay," completely ignoring the fact that a good portion of the delay was just them trying to get his contact lens back in. This was shown in close-up with Remy and Don talking about it. Jacoby finally took a shot at it himself and got it in right away. (Kim asked me why he didn't try that sooner, and as a contact-wearer from 1990-1999, I told her it was because you don't want to be doing that with dirty baseball-y hands. I also suggested he tilt his head back further while the trainer was trying to get it in. But that's beside the point.) Yet, people just talk about how the training staff was out there "tending to Ellsbury." Terrible job.

I also liked how Chris Smith got some serious face time since it happened by the bullpen, and how that bullpen catcher dude found the lens. And why didn't NESN talk about the fence? He hit the see-through part which I thought was a heavy screen. But close-ups showed what appeared to be a chain-linked fence. Why didn't they tell us? Or did I miss that?


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