Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Super, Thanks For Asking

Do you ever hear a musical artist on the radio so often over a day or two that you start to think maybe that person died and you just hadn't heard about it yet?

That being asked, somebody might wanna check on Donna Summer.

I drove four hours to see a movie tonight. Essentially. Tonight was the season finale of the Bryant Park summer movie-fest. Superman. The 1978 one. You may remember I saw Jaws and Rocky there while living in New York. This year, I saw the headliner would be one of my favorite films--and a classic NYC movie--and I knew I had to be there for it. I invited fellow Superman fan My Sister, and of course Kim. As the months went on, it turned out neither of them could go. Monday nights are tough. Especially for events in a city other than the one you live in. So I kind of said Screw it. But then it turned out I needed to go to New Haven anyway yesterday, so I figured taking a little drive to the city would be worth it.

When I got there, and night fell, and the old HBO theme came on, I knew I was right. Pics from that event later.

On the way back to the Havens, I got the good news: Sox 6, O's 3. My boy Wicked Lester continues to prove the doubt-sters wrong, and Bay went Camden yard twice. Rays win, Twins lose, so we're still 4.5 back of first, and now 1.5 up in the Water Closet standings.

The Orioles are 3,000 fans short of 50 million in Camden Yards history. It will be fitting if a Sox fan takes the honor (and these fabulous prizes!) tomorrow night. Then soon after, the O's franchise will reach 100 million fans. I hope that one goes to a die-hard O's fan...although it would be cool if their 100 million fans logo had more Orioles hats in the pictured crowd than Yankee hats.

Don't know if you've seen the news report yet; Yaz has been hospitalized at Mass Gen, apparently in serious condition. Here's hoping that he has a speedy recovery.
Funny enough, there was a Superman-related clue in the USA crossword today.
jfajm: Thanks. Yaz is a fighter....he'll be okay. THe Herald notes that his retired number 8 is "painted" at Fenway. Painted?? Even before the change to 3-D numbers, they weren't just painted on the facade. They were actual numbers on a circle.

jfKim: Perfect.
Almost forgot, in honor of your movie night in Bryant Park:

"We all have our little faults, Superman. Mine just happens to be in California."
Donna Summer is alive and well, at least as of a couple weeks ago. Saw her in person myself, she semi-frequents the restaurant I work at.
nice, ajm. That movie seems to be getting better with age.

Summer alive. Good to hear. You gonna give us the restaurant? No pressure..
In a similar vein, Cyndi Lauper hangs out sometimes at John the Baker Pizza in Stamford.
Not that you were asking about Cyndi or anything...
Thanks. Lauper rules. She's so unsual.
Yankee fans can be counted on one hand in Baltimore:

So much for Mr Hanky's Theory of a Yankees Universe.
When I hear more than one song by an artist on different radio stations, I wonder if they died... I also wonder if it is their birthday.

Red Sox only 1.5 games behind the Yankees. Magic number is 3!

I also think of birthday....

Go Rhode Island!

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