Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Back Home. From Home.

Back in Somerville; slept in the new house last night. Tried to steal internet on my laptop, but no dice. I actually correctly guessed a neighbor's password, but the signal was too weak to actually get online. It kind of feels like we were gone for a week...

Red Sox got the win last night. We had a radio so we heard a bit of it. But now Lester comes out and esses the bee, and we lose--the final pitch happened as I started this sentence--by the fun score of 11-0. Now the Rays have to lose to keep us 4.5 back. But if they win, we go a half game up on the White Sox for the wild card. Then again, if the White Sox win and the Twins lose today, the Twins will again be the wild card not to try to wrap your brain around this, it's still August. Hopefully those central clubs get a little separation between them.

(Update, 6:57: Rays with the comeback win, on their first time on Fox in five years... we're 5.5 back.)

Well, so much for that whole Devil-Rays-Are-Gonna-Collapse-and-Just-Hand-Us-The-Division Thing. Looks like we're playing for the WC now.
Eh, still a month left.
How has nobody posted about the f*ing ridiculous and amazing tidbit about guessing a complete stranger's PASSWORD?! I've always wanted to be clever enough to do that! For us non-hacker types, that is so RAD. Was it the neighbor's house # and the name of the city he lived in? I'm so curious, it's pathetic.
Oh you don't know how sweet it was when that password went through. And guess what? I nailed it on THREE OTHER networks! But it was very easy. I just tried our street name. I've still never guessed a non-street name password. But I had fun guessing the password for the network called "FUCK OFF!!"

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