Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Doubt It

We really stank today. And last night. While everyone else won. The Sox fans who only remember the past 48 hours aren't gonna sleep tonight.

We go on a nine-game road trip now, but after that, we only play nine road games total through the end of the season.

You know furniture stores? Sure you do. I bet you have some pretty strong feelings about them. Here are mine: We just got our house, and are now starting to move stuff in. Yesterday, we went couch-shopping. Because we exist and own a television, we know all about places like Jordan's, Bob's, Bernie & Phyl's, Ikea, etc., etc., etc. We decided to go to Jordan's. They had some really good shit. However, I couldn't fathom paying so much money for something that I feel like I could duplicate with a big plastic bag, some styrofoam peanuts, and a few tree branches. So we went to Ikea...where I realized that the reason their furniture is so cheap is because they basically make it using my method. And despite that the fact that it's kind of like the Wal-Mart of the furniture world, and that I don't want people to go to our house, point at each item they see, and say, "Ikea...Ikea...Ikea...oh we have that one too only in blue...Ikea...," that's where we got our couch. Because paying some is better than paying a shitload, and the thing is good enough for a couple of whatever color-collared people like us.

Also, normally I'd just go to a thrift store, but we wanted our couch at our new house to not have rat turds or whatever, and maybe even last a while. So....
Yeah, I was recently stocking up on furniture (nothing fancy, I just decided I needed things like a dresser that wasn't from Target and wasn't made of plastic), and it shocks me how much some of it costs. Maybe it's because I'm a cheap bastard, maybe it's because I'm a renter, or maybe it's because I don't have a wife, but I just can't fathom how people drop that sort of money on what can be described as an ass rest.

I did have some luck finding a nice couch several years ago at a tent sale, though. And the local used furniture store has treated me pretty well.
You didn't happen to be at last Wednesday night's game (the 8-4 win over Texas) by any chance? We were there, probably for my only Fenway visit this year, sitting in Sec 28. I was rocking my Yaz '67 road t-shirt w/the 1946 couldn't miss me :)
jfben--"ass rest." exactly.

jfajm: I had tix to Wed and Fri. When I found out Zink's debut was Tues, I bought a ticket for that one, and gave my Weds tix to a friend the next day--seeing the 36 runs made it easier to give up the Weds tix. But nice wardrobe choice.
I know have an IKEA charge! I rue the day they moved close by as I cannot stay the hell out of that store. Have had a great couch a sectional for three years and I LOVE IT!!! Best thing is throwing the cover in the laundry every few months ( have a big dog)...and it looks brand new everytime!

Gives me more money to spend on Sox Tickets!

Totally agree with you on the IKEA thing. Our kitchen table is from there because all we wanted was a really simple wooden table that could expand and contract as we needed it to. But for couches, we went to Bob's. They're pretty sweet for that sort of thing. Prices are good and the stuff looks really nice but not all modern and ridiculous. I think we paid $600 for our whole living room set, which I find to be very comfortable. You could find something even cheaper than that in their stores. There are also "pits" of Bob's, where you get CRAZY deals on Bob's furniture but it's all "as is" so as long you find something you can cover up (a silly little scratch could be covered with decor ), it's probably worth the deep discount. The whole draw back to the "pits" is that you have to lug it out with you when you buy it, and we were too lazy to arrange that for a stupid couch (maybe we're stupid, not the couch). Anyway, it's weird that this is the second comment I'm leaving in your blog, ever. I try to scan it for non-baseball paragraphs so I can understand what you're saying. It's quite the challenge! Brian says he scans your blog for non-baseball stuff, too. But that doesn't make sense since he likes baseball and understands it. Hog warts.
I still remember your first comment: "sports!" I think.

The offseason is big for non-baseball stuff here. That's November to March. And one of my next posts will be about Superman.

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