Friday, August 15, 2008

Huge News (With Yankee-Losing Update)

For the four or five of us in the world who've been anxiously awaiting the game where the Red Sox break the all-time consecutive sellout streak, there's been a change in plans.

The day we hit 456 was supposed to be the afternoon game on September 3rd against Baltimore. That was assuming there were no rained-out games which were rescheduled for a date beyond September 3rd. That's what happened tonight. With tonight's game rescheduled for September 13th, the next home game after September 3rd becomes "the day." That day would be...September 8th! Why an exclamation point? Because that's my birthday!

Don't worry, I have tix to both games... hopefully the date doesn't get pushed back any further.

So I got a little wet at Fenway tonight, and only came out with a few rainy pics. But those are my favorite kind. I'll post them later.

The Rays, meanwhile, had a no-hitter broken up on a play that should've been scored an error. They're up 6-0 in the eighth in Texas. The Yanks are down 3-1 at home vs. KC. And they demoted Melky! Laughing my ass off. And it looks like after tonight Pedroia and Youk will be one-two in batting average in the AL.

[Update, 11:06: Rays win, so we're 3.5 out, and 2.5 up in the WC as the Twins won. Yanks are tied at 3 in the 8th.]

[Fun update, 11:58: Mo does his usual--giving up the go-ahead run in a tie game in the ninth. In the bottom half, the Yanks get a runner on, who gets picked off. Then with two outs, they get a hit, a walk, and a squibber by A-Rod which the pitcher refuses to throw to first. Loaded for Giambi, and he flies out to center. KC tried to give them a win, but they still lose. Michael Kay was going on and on about how the Yanks' woes are "hard to explain." I'll explain it: they stink, and they're getting what they deserve, though I won't be completely happy until their drought reaches 87 years. They're now 10.5 out of first with 40 to play.]

ha! I do believe I am one day older than you.

but then, what do I hae to show for it? at least I get to post in your comments sections. whoo-hoo!
I think you're a year and a day older... of course, I'll always think of you as being like 40 years older thanks to the avatar

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