Saturday, August 09, 2008

Egregious Christ Almighty!

Cafardo on the Globe's Extra Bases blog: "This was certainly a key series for the Red Sox who swept the Royals and were trying to stay close or gain ground on the Rays."

Wrong. The Red Sox didn't sweep the Royals. I'm not picking on Cafardo specifically. I have nothing against him. I'm just pointing out how lax these newspapers are when it comes to facts, spelling, grammar, typos, etc. It's getting worse every day.

I think it's especially funny how, on these "newspaper blogs," they always screw up, because there's no one to check their work. It's ridiculous--all these media people were so threatened by and critical of blogs, so what do they do? Realize their newspapers are irrelevant, get their own blogs with their tails between their legs (which, by the way, they have an instant audience for since the newspaper sites host the blogs--some of us started from an audience of literally zero and don't get paid, you do all know the difference, right?), and then fuck up just like anybody else who's writing with no editor.

The difference is, my people are trying harder because we know we're gonna be under the microscope, whereas the media people already have jobs, so they can just fart out whatever on their blogs (and in their columns sometimes) with no worries or even apologies after their errors are pointed out to them.

Wow, I've been thinking of how to write a post like this for a while, and that one error I caught just caused it to spill out of me. Nice. Oh, and added to this post, a picture of The New York Times sports section from a few weeks ago. My mom saved it for me. Check out who's in second in the National League East...

Disclaimer: The five or six percent of people in the media I actually like, this doesn't mean you...

WHEN TF did "The Toilet" Close?


WHAT Team have I been watching in Shea Stadium?

Urp, BARF, Puke!
Hello's Peter on Sat. afternoon. I just heard on the radio while driving home that Bernie Mac 50. And my brother told me that Paul Newman, who has been subjecting himself to cancer treatments, has stopped it. I'll miss him so much...I wish him well.
Hi to your Mom...your book is great. I haven't fininshed it yet..the old (younger) me already would have finished it in a flash. But the release date is in early September. I have time. Have a great weekend. Pete, blog friend.

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