Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I guess I never officially unveiled the cover of our book, probably because I thought this wasn't the final version. But it is. So here it is. The bad news is that the pub date has been pushed back. Technical stuff...it'll be out in October, not September. Of course, you can still pre-order from BN or Amazon, but we suggest getting it at your local bookstore once it comes out.

Red Sox-Yanks, at the Stadium, final series of all-time, we hope, starting tonight. Mighty Quinn has a great top ten moments at the Toilet list.

Thanks for the link, Jere. It was a pleasure to put together! Actually, later today I'll have my five favorite Red Sox games at Yankee Stadium up in a post at Bornintoit.com.
Can't wait for the book.

I've probably been to the Toilet between 150-200 times over the years. My first visit was also my only visit to the 'old', pre-renovation Toilet, in September '73. The Yanks stunk then, and they got their butts kicked by the aging Brooks Robinson/Boog Powell Orioles. I was nine, we sat down the line in the lower level in RF, and what I mostly remember was that the old place felt really shadowy and dark with the roof and famous frieze covering the upper deck.

But I remember a lot more from the 'new' Toilet. I was there when they all threw the Reggie bars on the field on Opening Day '78, when Rick Waits and the Tribe beat Catfish on the last day of that regular season to force the 1-game playoff, and when Reggie did the hula dance at first base in the World Series. I was there for Tom Seaver's 300th win in '85 (w/Pudge Fisk catching and Reid Nichols playing CF). I also saw a U2 concert there back in '92, and as I mentioned, made it to this year's All-Star Game.

Over the past dozen years, I've usually only gone there for a few Sox games each season. I remember the ecstasy of Game 6 of the '03 ALCS followed by the agony of Game 7 the next night...that place has never been a bigger hellhole than that night.

For all that, I had a lot of very nice times growing up going to games there with my family, and I'll kinda miss the place. Definitely not their asshole fans, though.
I'll definitely do some more YS memories stuff, as, in the 20th century, YS was definitely my most attended park--in fact I did early this season on one of my YouCastr broadcasts. I do have a great picture I've never shown here, which I'll probably put up on Sept 21st. And AJM, I know you've got some pics, too--send them anytime and I will post!

My friend Mike went to the U2 show--Zootopia? Zooropa? Zoolander? It was junior or senior year of HS. Mike is a huge Yankee fan, and even though he kinda likes U2, I know he just went so he could stand on the field at Yankee Stadium. Sounds like something I'd do....for Fenway...

I remember being really psyched about Seaver's 300th, watching it on TV. It was one of those Everyone except Yankee fans are Happy moments. Mets fans with their Seaver love, Sox fans because the Yanks lose...uh, White Sox fans, naturally...etc.
Wow, cue Twilight Zone music.
I pulled up your site this morning with the express intent of asking you this question - "Isn't there a book release in the very near future, or did I miss it while I was preoccupied with health issues the last few weeks?"
Now I know.
doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

I have only been to the Toilet once in my life, but I got VERY lucky. I was there when Pedro set the all-time Yankee K record. I've got an unfinished piece about that night that's been in the draft section of my blog for WAY too long. I really should finish it.
Given that I read the book and then was a total dolt about writing about it - this pleases me...extra time to get in my review before it's officially on sale! :)
You got a good game, sosock. Watched that on TV in Ridgefield, CT.

Cyn--glad this worked out:)
We cannot wait to purchase this book and devour it.

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