Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yankee Stadium Memories

Peter Gammons came on and said his favorite Yankee Stadium moment was Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. He said that in the seventh, Jeter turned to Boone and said, "it's always about this time, the seventh or eighth, when the ghosts come out."


I'd like to offer up some of my favorite Yankee Stadium moments:

2003: Marlins beat Yankees--incredibly, the "ghosts" fucking fail to come out!

2004: The one that tore the fucker down.

All-Star Game, featuring seven World Champion Boston Red Sox, starting in a few minutes on the Yankee Ass-Kissing TV Network.

Oh! Sweet moment, as Tito is announced as the manager of the 2007 World Champs. How awesome is that? That all those fans are sitting there, their stadium and players being sucked up to at an incredible rate, but they still have to hear it. Despite all the fake mystique and aura, we won it all. Again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

ha ha ha! Your posts are great - making me laugh all morning. I still am convinced that the Skanks are now cursed from the Babe himself, since the Skanks are pulling down the house they built for their biggest hero.

15 innings? Maybe the all-star game was worth watching this year.

oh- and the Monday puzzle had "Fenway Park" as an answer to a clue. Shortz has also had "Big Papi" as an answer several times. Thinks Shortz is a Sox fan?
Yeah it was a pretty fun five hours...

Intelligent people usually are Sox fans. He did have Mussina in the movie, which, again, I haven't seen, so I wonder if the subject comes up in it.
Mussina went to Stanford, so I guess we have to admit he's a smart Yankee. My theory about Shortz being a Sox fan is blown anyway since yesterday's puzzle had Torre as an answer. At least I think it was the answer since I didn't have time to finish the puzzle!

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