Friday, July 04, 2008

Yankee Crap

Did you all see Girardi with his fake anger last night? He even called a meeting. (Read: Look, Hank, see how we know beating the Red Sox is the most important thing?)

As usual, people will talk about how the games lack what they once had a few years ago--but to me the most fun and exciting part of the rivalry is watching the Yanks get embarrassed, have distractions, and, you know, shit the bed. So this year is fun, fun, fun, like we thought it would be. Gotta keep it going today.

I tried to tell everybody how the Yanks had one of their all time classic cheap wins the night before, scoring runs without the benefit of hits, and Texas handing them the game on a silver platter. Instead, NESN viewers were told of the Yanks' "offensive explosion." What a joke. So that's why it was extra-cool that we shut their asses out last night.


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