Monday, July 28, 2008


Was it the worst thing since "Reggie Jackson's World of Sports"? No. Was it still pretty crappy? Yes. 7-5 them, final.

I still can't figure out why sometimes when we're on ESPN, the game will be on ESPN on my cable, even though it's obviously on NESN, too. How is that not blacked out? It worked out, though, because I got to switch over to ESPN for the "classic" camera angle.

But then when the ESPN announcers started badmouthing Manny, I switched back. It was horrible. It started with, "do you think Manny knows the count?" Then after they noted the big ball and strike lights are right behind him on the scoreboard, they started saying, "bright shiny lights," and snickering. Of course, they had to cover themselves by talking up how great a player he is (oh, yeah, that's right...). But still, I was hoping when he came up he'd pull a Roy Hobbs/Max Mercy, and knock one right into their booth. It's funny how I mock the way people predictably, unfunnily, and unfairly make fun of Manny, and then I hear it for real. "Oh, right, I'm not exaggerating at all." I flipped on the radio for five minutes today, and a caller said "I don't like the way he carries himself, look at his long hair...."

Moose got smacked around tonight, and the Os beat the Yanks 13-4. Gold. Tampa lost, but, again, the longer they stick around, the less chance the Yanks have of making the playoffs. In fact, when you think about it, this year isn't too much different than every other one lately. If we finish ahead of the Yanks, we probably make the playoffs. If the Yanks finish ahead of us, they probably make it. The difference is, there might not be a fallback depending on how long the Deerays stick around.

In the Reggie clip, what the HELL is the kid at the very end doing? Extreme jacks?

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