Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sox At M's (It's Over) (The Good Way)

8:38: Hansen finally manages to get out of it, leaving the bases loaded. 6-3 us final, and it's a sweep. We go into the Yankee series 3 games ahead of those pieces o' crap.

8:33: Pap gets key double play to end inning with winning run on third. Then we score three in top 12, thanks to a dropped ball in center field and a great baserunning play by Drew. Now Hansen in, has given up two hits and gotten two outs...

7:33: We go to extras.

7:16: Still tied at 3, going bottom 9. Masterson came in and did a great job....

6:37: Two-run dong given up by Clay. 3-3, and he's leaving the game with 2 on, one out in the 6th. Crap.

5:55: Ibanez dong, and it's 2-1 us after 4.

5:40: Weirdness in the third. High one-hopper behind mound. HH backpedals, and falls on his back. Still watching the ball, he catches it, throws to first from his butt, and appears to get the guy barely. Ump calls him safe. Two batters later, Lowell throws Ichiro out on a very close play that looked like a tie. Anyway, we get out of it with no runs scored as Lowrie makes an easy version of his new trademark catch, the "running away from the infield" catch. 2-0 Sox after 3.

5:22: Drew robbed of a three-run dong by Ichiro. Next play, with two outs, Youk singles to right down the line, and Ichiro lets it roll under his glove and two runs score anyway. 2-0 us, top 3rd. (Ichiro was also picked off first in the first on a great timing play by HH.)

5:11 PM: We left two on in the first, and Tek lined out into a DP in the second. BucHHolz doing fine through 2. 0-0 after 2.

My playoff softball game has been rained out. So I'm here, and I'll give you updates on the game in this post.


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