Thursday, July 17, 2008

Second Half Schedules

The Red Sox play seven more road games than home games through August 28th, but then to close out the season, we play 19 of our last 28 at home. We only have one west coast trip the rest of the way--six games starting tomorrow night.

The Yanks play 10 of 13 at home to close July, but then have just 12 of 28 at home in August and 10 of 26 at home in September. In their last 51 games of the season, they only have 19 home games. They go to the west coast twice in the second half.

The Rays play 30 of their last 49 games on the road, and overall play six less home than road in the second half, with one west coast trip.

Advantage: Us, as the Space Coaster cruises toward the playoffs.

Ok, basically here's the deal. I'm a lifelong Sox fan who got transplanted from Western Mass to Brooklyn. I love your blog already, and I've only read this weekend's entries (and this one, obviously). I have to say, hallelujah for a home-heavy second half schedule!!!
Cool...glad you like it.

Have you been to Professor Thom's yet?

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