Monday, July 14, 2008

Reviews Comin' In!

We got a great, detailed review for Dirty Water from A.C. Hutchison of the Rutland Herald/Times-Argus--a big newspaper in Vermont. Click here or here.

Sweet review. Other than the fact that they must've used an older bio for me (I've since moved out of NYC and no longer work with the elderly, and have been doing this blog for almost five years, not three), a review like that is all we can hope for, and is much appreciated. Thank you, Rutland Herald. (When I first went looking for their site, I accidentally clicked on a paper from Rutland in the UK. I'm searchin' around like crazy, thinking, "this paper has no book reviews! And they use the term 'entertainments' and spell "jewelery" with two Ls!")

Our book has also gotten reviews from my cousin Nora, and fellow Sox blogger Tex. Check out their reviews, and while you're there, search around their blogs. Good stuff from two hot states... Thanks, Newy and Tex. (If you have a website and want a review copy, e-mail me at Two2067 at aol dot com.)

We're slowly climbing the list on Amazon when you search "dirty water." We're now at number two. I kind of feel bad for the Standells, as we keep passing their albums...

Jere, neither of those links worked for me, but my computer is temperamental. If there is a general web site addy, please let me know. I'll use it and find your review. Thanks, my friend...Pete
Peter: all links work for me. Try rutland herald dot com, or do a google news search for dirty water.
Nice review, but wtf is it with writers who do little more than lay out the plot of the entire book in their review?

Besides being lazy, it's a horrible treatment for a mystery (or any book with a surprise or three in it)!

The "VT Menace" takin' shots at his former state's newspapers! Haha.
I wrote for the Burlington Free Press -- top paper in the state, yo!

Eff those wannabes in Rutland!

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