Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Red Sox Anti-Lose

It's 1:11 AM. We had a nice win, with Wicked Sid pitching a killer game and Pap getting the save. Tek hit a two-run dong, and Lowrie added a huge two-run single late. 4-0 final.

The Rays and Yanks won earlier. The Yanks are repeatedly being described as "red hot"--which is true if "red hot" means hit by pitches, infield singles, fielder's choices, errors and wild pitches by the other team, bloop doubles....I always feel like the crazy police are gonna get me when I claim "cheap" on an 12-4 win, but, take a look, see for yourself. It wasn't your classic blowout. They've been giving up a lot of hits, too. They'll start falling soon. I always say that with the assumption that all these other teams won't shit the bed, which they always seem to. As long as they do the same when they play us, we'll have no problem winning the division.

It's GREAT to see Jon Lester pitching so confidently, so well. Right now, he's our stopper. Wouldn't you agree, Jere?
peter: Jon is definitely key. I still don't know people don't like/trust him. I remember talk of "Theo must have a crush on him"--this was conveniently right after Buchholz had pitched a no-hitter. Many Boston sports fans only remember the previous game. It's amazing.
its so great that lester is quietly dominating right now. keeping quiet and doing his thing. awesome.

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