Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Purple People Eaters Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

Look at that face! I look so serious and long-faced, like Ric Ocasek. This is me last night, a split-second after catching a ball looped over the third baseman's head, running over from the shortstop position, and conveniently, right off the field to our dugout, as it was the third out of the inning. I think that look is, "Okay, this inning's over, now we come back and beat this team of pricks." Which we didn't do. Good season, purple team.

Red Sox vs. Angels, as we try to avoid the sweep, 7:05 PM....

Don't let the dude who writes the Uniwatch blog (Paul Lukas, right?) know that your softball team wears purple.

A few years ago, my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I decided to eat at a nice, fairly upscale place (can't remember the name) just a block or two north of Union Square. It was a Saturday night, but early, so when they seated us towards the back, it was mostly empty. We sat down, and a couple tables over a very well dressed couple was quietly enjoying their meal in the corner. I took a closer look, and realized that it was Paulina and Ric Ocasek. I hate to break it to you, Jere, but you really don't look like him; in person he's really, really pale and extremely thin. Actually, that's probably a good thing for you. He also was wearing small wire sunglasses inside at night. Anyway, they didn't say much, but they kept gazing at each other and smiling. I thought it was nice to see them still obviously very much in love after many years of marriage; sadly not the norm among celebrities.

Wow, that was a long, rambling, only-tangentially-related-to-your post comment. You can tell it's a slow day for me.

And the Yanks got Pudge Rodriguez, and didn't have to give up any prospects...only total meathead Kyle Farnsworth.
Appropos of nothing, would you mind slipping "Chocolate Rain" into your novel? Wikipedia folks are demanding a non-blog source for the nickname.
jfAJM: I almost said something like "I didn't choose the color, Paul!" in the post, ha. Great story about Ocasek.

jfformerPhrenile: It'll have to wait till the next novel...

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