Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picked Wrong Week To Something Something

Gumby's in town. Meaning New York City, at Chan's. So I came down. We ate Indian food and "caught up," as the humans say. Gumby flies wounded soldiers out of Iraq. Tonight I asked him, "So do the guys stationed at the base you go to in Iraq all say, 'Hey, Mr. I Can Leave Whenever I Want...'" And said, "yeah..." But Chan pointed out that the soldiers wouldn't want to leave with him. (Because that would mean they were wounded. The fact that I had to clarify that means I probably didn't capture this dialogue too well.)

It was a great night to miss baseball, as the Sox apparently got killed, while the Yanks and Rays won, and the Tigers called up the Yanks and asked them if they'd like a Hall of Famer for just whoever's layin' around, preferably someone shitty. And the Yanks said yes.

I looked on Joy of Sox, and saw that Manny said a bunch of stuff about how the front office mistreats people, etc. The key for me was the phrase "I love Boston fans." As long as he knows that, I can have the "mental peace" that he talks about. So, is this how it's gonna end? Sitting in this little apartment in NYC, finding out that Manny is in some other uniform? We'll see. I guess.

And as I'm about to end this post and head to the floor where I'll sleep, Gumby asks if Chan has a blanket. "I've got a big down comforter," Chan says. Chan, you're about to put me on a coupla thin pillows on the floor, and suddenly you break the news that there exists a big down comforter??

You might need a futon! We sell 'em all over the place up there. I could ship you one, but boy, the shipping costs are as much as the futon. If you want, just email me and I'll give you a list of the nearest retailers.
Oh, about Manny, by 4pm today (Thursday), he'll be gone. Just a gut feeling, an obvious one. Hi to your Mom...
Nothing yet this morning.
The article says "updated 6:43" but the only thing I don't recognize from seeing the same article last night is Manny's "trade me straight up for Farve" joke. Priceless.
The Globe just seems to be reporting the ESPN article, pretty much repeating everything said there.
Jeez I hope this thing goes away. Manny is the backbone of this lineup. We can win without him, but with him I just EXPECT to win, every time out.
Peter, you said "up there" yet I'm in NYC, south of Hartford. Then again, I have noticed many people's internal maps are exactly upside down. But I know you watch a lot of weather channel so yours should be okay. Maybe you just misunderstood where I am. Anyway, Chan DOES need a futon here, but he won't get one. No room.

Sosock, thanks.

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