Sunday, July 13, 2008

Orange Bird Crush

Went to an all-day birthday party in CT today which included a video scavenger hunt. Meaning that you go around with a video camera doing and finding certain things from a list. I knew it would be fun, but the coolest thing about it turned out to be interacting with people. Normally, I think of humans as "that selfish species who talks on cell phones all the time and likes shitty bands." But when you actually talk to them, you can find some good ones. It can really make someone's day when you walk into their place of employment and start doing something crazy and taping it. I felt like some kind of Psycho Psanta Claus, bringing tidings of great joy to minimum wage workers throughout Bethel.

On the way home, I thought, I hope we came back and crushed the Orioles tonight. I just got the score: 12-1. A crushing indeed. We're a half-game back, which is good and all, but I still say the D-Rays should've kept winning for more of a chance of the Yanks missing the playoffs. But, as I thought they would, they're shitting it again, and are in danger of giving up first before the break. As soon as they get behind us, I'm back to rooting for them. But, you see, when we were a few games behind them, I felt like we were essentially ahead of them anyway, which is why I couldn't root for the Yanks against them. If that situation had been in late September, it would've been one thing, but we knew we had months to make up the slight deficit--no need to have Tampa start losing immediately. The Yanks are crappy, but just like every other year, most of the other teams are crappier. I hate that they're 5.5 out. But that's our own fault. If we were ten ahead of the Rays right now, we'd be 16 ahead of the Yanks. But I shouldn't say we're truly at "fault" since we've been without Papi for a while now. At 2:45 AM, I will stop with the long paragraphs and begin the sleep process. But not before checking out the NYT Sunday crossword. Gotta love Wil Shortz. Hey, how come I never talk about that here? Maybe from now on, every week that I do the puzzle, I'll do a little post about it, and other people who do it can give their take on it. Maybe. G'night.

You do the Sunday? I am impressed. I get stumped around Thursday generally.
Amazing Wakes...that's all, folks!
Love Shortz. Always wanted to give creating my own crossword a try.
I keep a NYT Sunday puzzles book in the bathroom. Uh, you know.
The one I'm working on now is one of those that has multiple letters in some of the squares. In this case it's "dot" in some and "dash" in others (a play on morse code). That's not so bad after you figure out what's going on, but until you do it seems damn near impossible.
Good run support for Wake last night - that's a first!
And my big league team lost - that's also a first! (6 - 1 now)
sarah: i do the Sunday when i go to my parents' house, since they get the times. and i go a bunch in th summer since they live at the beach. so i don't even do the other days. The last Sunday one, I got just about the whole thing in a day. Other times, I can't get much. But the more you do, the more you get familiar with Shortz. I'd love to do it every week. I totally should just subscribe.

sosock: I have tried making my own puzzle. I never finished, though. If you do it, remember, Shortz loves Js and Zs and Qs and stuff...
Ahhh...the Sunday puzzle. Never have time to do it anymore but I enjoyed it when I did. Now I do Monday through Thursday on the commuter train. Friday and Saturday are too hard for my feeble brain.
I trust that you've seen the movie Wordplay; if not, I highly recommend it. Very interesting documentary about competitive crossword puzzle solving.

I still think that you underestimate Tampa Bay. They're obviously having a really bad stretch at the moment, but they're still on pace to win 95 games. I don't expect them to finish ahead of the Sox, but I don't expect them to collapse either. There's too much talent on that roster...Logoria/Crawford/Pena/Kazmir etc. The scary thing is that they'll probably be even better next year.
Hey Sarah, don't be TOO impressed. The`Sunday puzzle is usually easier than the Friday and Saturday ones, at least in our paper. Sunday is just longer, although it is harder than the early weekdays. I think you need to be a classic lit major and know latin to finish Saturdays.
Nice finish to the 1st half today. (I know, it's not actually the halfway point)
jfSosock: We're talking specifically about the NYT Sunday puzzle. It's a whole different ballgame from their puzzles on the other days. And usually really fun. You end up cursing and praising Shortz simultaneously.

jfAJM: I was so psyched when it came out--but somehow never did see it! I definitely will. As for the D-Rays, for them to keep up this pace would be to ask them to repeat what they did in the first half. I can't really see it. I agree, though, they'll definitely be there next year. Which adds some spice to this division....
I was referring to NYT also. Our Sunday paper almost always uses their Sunday puzzle, although for all I know it's a reprint from a previous Sunday. Once in a while it's from the LA paper, but usually it's Shortz' NYT puzzle.
And they are fun, especially figuring out the play on words that's usually involved in the key answers.
Back to baseball - did you see the stolen base by Greg Maddux the other night? We get all the Braves games here and I stopped by while channel-surfing, and just happened to be watching when he did it.
Awesome! - 40 odd years old, a pitcher to boot, and stealing a base. After getting a hit! Talk about egg on the face of a battery.
Nice. I didn't see the stolen base but I'll check it out.

Reb: m, indeed. I know that must mean, "M aybe the next time you're in Fairfield County, you'll give me a call!" I know, I know. But it was for a birthday party that lasted all day, and I don't know how inviting you along would've gone over since the people don't know you. But we'll see you in a couple weeks. All is forgiven? Nice, thank you.
'cell phones and shitty bands': great line. (certainly beats boring old aristotle's 'man is the rational animal.')

and I'm looking forward to crossword posts. if it weren't for crossword writers scrounging for fillers, i wouldn't know what an epee is.

And Brian ENO and EMO Philips also get free publicity! As does Mel OTT.

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