Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice Off-Night

Yanks lose; Devil Rays--on their way back toward .500--lose. We're 1.5 out, Yanks 6.5 out.

You know where I'd like to be, if only for a minute? In the house of the guy who called a radio station and said, "if this team gets to be four and a half, five and a half out, IT'S OVAH!"

Hey, if any of you get WGN, they're showing Family Ties, ALF, and Cosby every weeknight.

The fact that I had just picked up Paul Maholm off of the free-agent list in rotisserie baseball makes this Yankee loss extra sweet...a win/win!

I think the odds are very good that the Devil Dogs finish above .500.
It was a very productive day off with the two losses you mentioned. I hoped the Sox would win 5 of their last 6 before the break, so now, we only need 2 of 3 from the Birdies. They've been a little bit of a problem in '08 so far, but I'm confident. It's called FAITH. It's a huge night for Clay. GO SOX.
Just curious.
What goes on at the old Braves field now?
I'm guessing it's college related since they're rebuilding it at this time of year.
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See a few photo galleries ago for the full story. It's used for Boston University football, soccer, lacrosse, etc. Only the stands on the side are what's left of Braves Field.
Mr. Keaton, Willie and Clifford Huxtable make a hell of tv dad triumvirate.

On a completely unrelated note, your book did indeed find me at my new house in VA. Was there waiting for me, actually. I read it, plan to reread it, and I did enjoy it. I've been w/o internet at home since we moved, and this is the first chance I've had to check in to your site since. I promise as soon as I get home internet and five minutes to myself again, I'll put up my review...hope you're well...
Not to mention Elise, Kate, and Claire in the mom spot. And Alex, [no older brther], and Theo hold up their end at the older bro position.

The "real" MattySox liked the book! Sweet...

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