Friday, July 25, 2008

Maury Story

A bunch of my friends went to a taping of The Maury Povich Show back in high school. This was, like, '92. So I thought it would be funny to put up a clip of my friend Jim in the background, over Maury's shoulder. Which is all fine and good, especially if you know Jim. But most of you don't, so I've got something else you might enjoy. The featured guest on that day's episode was Soleil Moon Frye, aka Punky Brewster. Punky had grown up at this point, and was back to tell about her breast-reduction surgery. I noticed that while Maury was talking to her about this very serious topic, he made this crazy hand gesture (to imitate people mocking Punky's boobs), and then an incredibly weird, nervous, almost flirtatious, almost drunken face at her. So I had a little fun with it.

I'm really psyched to kick some Terrible Joba butt tonight. The media is telling me that the rivalry is back to heated levels. After telling me recently that it was "losing steam." It must be nice to live in a little bubble and tell people how they feel all the time.... If any of these people would go to the games (the stands, not the press booth), or spend some time among the rival team's fans while wearing their team's hat, they'd see that Red Sox-Yankees is always a big deal. Like I've said before, if it really was "losing steam," I'd admit it. What the hell do I care if suddenly a majority of Sox and Yanks fans stop caring about it? The point is, they never do--I think the attendance numbers will back me up on that. Each team's fans are brought up hating the other. It doesn't matter how good or bad the other one is at any given time. I don't see why the media can't grasp this. Maybe if each team finished below .500 for the next ten years, the country as a whole wouldn't care as much when the two teams played. But I know I still would. That's kinda what we do.... There's always an excitement about it--if the other team's the World Champs, how could you not get up for a game against them? And if they're in last place, how could you not want to go out and see them humiliated further, knowing what's gone on over the last century? Matty, the floor is yours...


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