Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lunar Shuttle Tickets, Lunar Shuttle Tickets....

Redsox.com just put up the Coke section (left field pavilion reserved) seats for all of September and for the upcoming homestand. (And the last weekend of August vs. Chicago.) Pairs if you want 'em. 75 each. Or 200 each from the scalper sites. Your choice.

Hey, are those pretty good seats for the price?
That's about what I had hoped to spend, (actally I thought I might have to go a little more) but I'm not familiar enough with the park to know what that view is like.
I'm planning to buy some next week or maybe the week after for an August trip, and I can adjust the trip to the tickets.
They are great seats with a great view. They are priced higher because they're new, but if you've got the cash, I'd go for it. If you can get them for face value, that is.

I suggest emailing me for more tips on how to get them for August.

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