Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life Is a Bar Of Soap And The Last Two Days Is The Pubic Hair Stuck On It

We had lots of fun at ArtBeat, with Kim selling nearly all the soap she brought. I went to the car and heard the Sox were up 2-0, and the Yanks were going bottom 9, down by 1. Leaving Davis Square, we listened as Vlad made it 2-1. Literally while we walked from car to apartment, the Angels took a 4-2 lead. We got the tying runs on in the eighth and ninth, but couldn't come back.

Then I checked the A's site, and I knew right away the Yanks won. Then I clicked to learn all about how Huston Street had two outs, none on in the ninth, but still blew the save. Then in the 12th, Molina took a pitch (from Lenny DiNardo) in the leg with the bases loaded to win the game. A very crappy baseball day, but, again, like the '04 season, and pretty much every season since, I have a feeling like our team is good enough to get the job done, and in the long run they will. The Yanks could be 20 back, and seeing them win like in a shitty way this (read: THE WAY THEY ALWAYS WIN) always pisses me off. So I am frustrated about this combined with us losing another winnable game. But I know things will be back the way they should be soon, sooooo......

Check out the review of our book at Surviving Grady! I'm so psyched Red read it and did a review.

And I just noticed my comrade San Francisco Red Sox Fan put a review up, too! Exclamation point! Thanks, Red and SFSF for the sweet 'viewz...

You must have been writing this post while I was commenting on your previous one :)
Yeah....but Matty is the all-time champ at that. I also forgot to mention that Papi donged yet again tonight at Pawtucket. Also, he won't play there tomorrow, so Cyn and Kelly are in good shape.
Nothing like leaving a craft show with empty soap buckets, true?
Yeah! I KNEW she'd do very well at this one. I even predicted how much she'd make, and I nearly nailed it. It was quite a score! But more importantly, "I want to eat this" comments narrowly beat out "Is this like Fight Club?" ones.
I believe I was one of the "I want to eat this" people. That S'mores one... it smelled like Delicious made into a soap. (/creepy)
Hey Jere - good comeback at SG, sorry it happened, what a jerk. Good luck with the book, Cyn and Tex are digging it right now so I'll be sure to pick it up when it's out. Cruised the soap site and it all looks fantastic! Carrie? Dinosoap Jr.? Heh. Love it!
Fight Club, you had to bring up Fight Club.
We were in our 2nd or 3rd year of business, and our 1st year doing some of the big shows, when that came out.
If I had a dollar ........etc.
Actually, forget the buck. If every person who stopped by the booth just to ask if we had seen the movie had bought a bar while they were there we'd have never brought any home.
Tell Kim to check into the Jr League show in New Brittain. As small a show as it is, it was still so good that we drove up every year after we got in. It helped that we have friends in Niantic that we stayed with, no hotel expense. But it would have been worth the trip even without that. The 1st time we did it we were caught off guard and didn't bring enough. I mean, a Thur - Sat. show at an old Catholic School, just how much could we sell, right?
We knew Thur night we were going to be short and called a friend here who worked for us PT to go box up some stuff and ship it Next Day. Cut into the profit margin, but helped build the customer base for the next year.
I miss my soap :(
Liza: I was the guy sitting to Kim. I was there the whole time except maybe 20 minutes to walk around, get the score, and look at the other booths. I do remember a woman picking up the s'mores and saying something about it. I guess that was you.

hayes-thanks for getting the book. Will be out soon...glad you liked Kim's soap names, she has some great ones. And some thought up by me....

sosock--thanks for the tip. And we'd also have a place to stay around there...

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