Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Extras (Updated WIth Fitting And Awesome Ending!)

Man, I was really rooting for them to score off Mo. And then in bottom 10, great job by Cook getting out of a loaded, no out jelly. At that point, I rooted for Longoria to get the hit, but no one else. Because he would've gotten MVP. If someone else had gotten it, they might have given it to Mo, who also would've gotten the win. Now he can't get a W. I'm hoping Drew wins it in the 11th--he's due up third.

And they do a Murcer tribute in extra innings! In other words, it might not have made the cut had the game ended by now! Terrible.

Oh, and neither McCarver nor Buck knew Tito was coming out with one out, one on in the ninth. If he hadn't gone out then, he would've risjed a double play, then the AL winning in the bottom of the ninth, and therefore no Mo appearance. He couldn't have risked that (but what sweet punishment it would've been for the worst fans in sports)--so at that point, I'm going, "here comes Tito, right here, trust me, he has to," yet the Fox people weren't saying anything.

Okay, one out in the bottom of the eleventh on a caught stealing. I'll update here.

Man on first for Drew. Oh, so McCarver was just talking about how the game might be a tie. Hellllooooo? What, then play an 8-game World Series? Four games in each park? Then that can be a tie! Nice call, Tim.

And Drew gets on. So he's got a dong and a single in what could be the game-winning rally. I'm really hoping that can get him the MVP. But they'll probably say, "and the MVP goes to...the stadium itself! And all the Yankees who ever played here!" Hey, handing them free glory is the only way they can get it nowadays anyway....

Holy crap! Winning run thrown out at plate! Drew now at third. Steal home, Drew!

Nope, inning over. We go to the 12th... updates to come.

12:45 AM: Leadoff double wasted for the AL. We go to the 13th. This means Drew has another chance to get the game-winning hit. (He's been the only Sock in the game for hours now...)

1:10 AM: We go to the bottom of the 14th. Drew reached on an error (bad hop, could've been a hit, and he'd be 3-4 right now) and stole a base, but they couldn't get him home in the 13th.

1:20 AM: The last AL pitcher, Kazmir, is in. Buck saying at a certain point, he can go no further. (He threw over 100 pitches two days ago.) What will happen at that point? I know! Bud can fix the All-Star Game, and make it the fun exhibition it used to be! Two outs in the top of the 15th.

1:31 AM: Here we go! Drew up, winning run on second. Base hit = MVP!

1:35 AM: Drew walks. On base 4 times in 5 plate appearances. Still a chance at emveepee, I guess.

1:37 AM: Sac fly by Michael Young. Guy barely slides in safely. 4-3 final in 15. Francona is psyched. And the Red Sox get home field advantage in the World Series. MVP announcement to come.

1:42 AM: Fox is still showing that "this game is brought to you by..." spot which shows Nomar not only in a Sox uniform, but in the old, blue warm-up that hasn't been worn since I believe 2002.

1:45 AM: And it's JD Drew! MVP!!! Woohoo!!!! Haha! Eat it, motherfuckers! The last MVP of a Yankee Stadium All-Star Game is a DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPION, FIRST PLACE BOSTON RED SOX player! Sleep tight, you fucking ass holes! Hopefully we'll be playing in the World Series while your stadium is literally crumbling to the ground!

So, as I think I mentioned, we went to the game and sat in the loge down the right field line; stuck it out for 14 innings, but w/very full and early work days we needed to get back to CT and catch at least a few hours of sleep. I wore my Brooklyn Dodgers cap, which I felt was an appropriate way to say goodbye to the old Stadium. I'll have to see how our pics came out; if the one of me pretending to be nodding off w/the scoreboard behind me in the 13th inning came out, I'll pass it along.

Great to see Drew get the MVP...and even better to see that you're finally a JD fan, Jere :)

And I've been going to Sox/MFY games at The Toilet for 32 years now, and heard a lot of shit yelled at Sox players over that time, but never heard anything like the crap they gave Papelbon last night. I started out rooting for the AL, Yank players included, but that made me really want to see Fruitbat Rivera get lit up. This one idiot a couple rows behind us kept screaming at the ump for blowing the play at the plate on Navarro for like 3 straight innings...I felt like asking him "why do you care about home field advantage in the world series, the Yanks aren't gonna be in it?"
1st place Red Sox Drew MVP but Kazmir of the 2nd place Rays the winning pitcher is nice too. I heard the Stealth pilot for the flyover is a Sox fan. I also heard that a Sox fan put a banana in the tail pipe of Steinbrenners golf cart.
I love it! And I'm sure Skankee fans consoled themselves with something like "I bet JD liked this experience so much, he dreams of being in pinstripes some day". Also, Mo must be twice as great as Paps, cuz he gave up twice as many hits.
jfAJM: Thanks. Send the pic if it comes out and I'll post it.

jfJcal: Is that stuff true? If so, nice.

jfBFIW: Exactly.

And I'll let you all know what the one anonymous (not allowed!) commenter said: He called me a mass hole. (I've lived in CT for 30 years, NY for 2, Mass for 1.) He informed me that other teams' fans were at the game as well as Yankee fans. (Really? Wow.) He claimed "most" of the people booing Papelbon were those teams' fans. (Suuurrrre.) And finally he confirmed what I've been saying about Yankee fans, by saying "nice job by Papelbon blowing it on national TV." (Anybody who knows baseball knows Pap got the job done in his inning, facing four batters, giving up one single.) (And I don't think after the months of national exposure--for, you know, winning the World Series and all that, and an amazing career so far that's been widely witnessed, that he'd be too worried even if he had "blown it.")

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