Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eleven Alive

I remember in the '01 World Series people calling Derek Jeter "Mr. November." It was because he hit a game-winning homer on the night of October 31st, a few minutes after midnight. But were you under the impression that the nickname stuck? I wasn't. They called him that for, like, three days. But I was just looking at his Baseball Reference page, and it lists "Mr. November" as his nickname! Terrible job. Here are Jeter's career stats in the month of November:

average/on-base/slugging: .182/.182/.182 (and one big World Series loss)

If you want to include that one at bat from the end of the October 31st game, that still only puts his average at .250.

You wanna know who Mr. November is? Steve Finley!


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