Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Think I Won't Cut You, Linda Hamilton

Just listened to a few minutes of [a radio station], and the incorrect statements outnumbered the correct ones. Remember how I said last night that Joe Morgan "mis-heard" Josh Hamilton's "gold ball" comment? Well, apparently people believed Morgan. Here, again, is what happened: One ball left in finals, gold ball supposed to be thrown to Hamilton. Old dude throws a white ball by mistake. Hamilton lets the pitch go and reminds the guy (clearly audible) he's supposed to be throwing the gold ball, while holding up his hand as if gripping a ball. Joe Morgan processes this, waits a few seconds, and then tells America that Hamilton has just signaled for the pitcher to "take a little off." This led to the folks on the radio to joke, "When you're telling a 71-year old coach to 'take a little off,' you must be tired." I found a clip of that moment--it's from someone's living room--here. Start at the 4:35 mark. You hear Berman say "gold ball in." Then the white ball comes in. Then listen to what Hamilton says. Then listen to Morgan's comment.

This is like on that Nirvana bootleg where Dave Grohl said "this song's called All Apologies," but since the band then spontaneously broke into a new, unknown tune, people figured Grohl must've been saying its title, which they heard as "On a Mountain," leading to that tune being known as such until a semi-finished product was released years after the end of the band, as "You Know You're Right." No wait, this isn't like that at all...

Another thing they said on the radio was how Mariano's been the standard for closers (or whatever) for fifteen years. Try eleven and a half, bozos. They also talk about how he hasn't blown a save this year, which is true, but they ignore his three losses at the break (he's averaged a little over three per year the last five years.)

And speaking of Mo, is there any way Yankee fans gonna be satisfied unless Rivera starts the All-Star Game, closes it, and pitches all the innings in between? And then stands on the mound of smelly Yankee Stadium with his pants down while they all line up and individually kiss his bare butt?

Ya know, I thought I heard an F-bomb outta Chase Utley last night...

Oh, and in the bloglaxy, I think I told you about Soxlosophy, right? And then there's the Boston Sports Nut. And Fenway West is having a contest.

Thanks so much for the "shout out", Jere!

Do the kids still say "shout out"?

I know I'm getting old because I don't really care anymore what the kids do or don't say.
A ''Toilet'', plain and simple

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