Saturday, July 05, 2008


Loaded, no out, needing a run. Gotta score there.

Pretty atrocious at-bats by Crisp, Varitek and Lugo. Tek really looks done.

So, this brings up the interesting question: assuming that the Sox and Rays win tomorrow, leaving the Sox four games behind TB and six ahead of the Yanks, who do you root for this week, the Yanks or the Devil Dogs? I realize that it's still 'early' but this TB team sure looks for real to me, so while I hate to say it, I think you have to root for the Yanks. I'm pretty certain that you'll disagree...
That hurt! I thought we'd get at least one run, maybe two. Then it would have been Paps' time. The page is turned...with frustration. What could have (should have) been wasn't. Case closed. But.....boy oh boy!! Pete
To answer AJM's question: right, disagree.

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